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The Jerusalem Philharmonic | Musica Aeterna - classical music in Israel
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The Jerusalem Philharmonic

 The Jerusalem Philharmonic organizes a series of concerts over the country

Rafael Rivkin

Rafael Rivkin

The Keshet Amanuyot (Rainbow Arts) trust fund organizes concerts in various concert halls around the country. Each Sunday the Italian monastery Beit Jemal (near Beit Shemesh) hosts classical and jazz concerts. Every autumn there is an international festival in Netanya, «Treasures of the Guitar.» Interesting festivals, combining classical and light music are held in the Harmony Concert Hall in Jerusalem. Recently, a music salon called «Art Boutique» opened in the picturesque district of Jerusalem, Moshava Germanit. On the last Thursday of each month classical music lovers can enjoy beautiful music performed by professionals of the highest quality from our country and abroad

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